Damon System Braces - St. Louis Orthodontist
An unsightly smile can affect your whole life: you may be embarrassed by your appearance, your confidence can be defeated, your teeth may wear unevenly, you might have jaw pain. Traditional braces have been the solution for correcting smiles for many years, but new technologies have offered new choices in orthodontics. drName at practiceName in St. Louis provides patients with Damon System braces as a great way to improve smiles.

What are Damon System braces?

This method maintains the successful elements of traditional braces and improves upon those that were lacking. Damon System braces are very effective and aesthetically appealing, offering a streamlined version of traditional braces. Not all orthodontists offer this system to patients, but practiceName is pleased to provide this innovative option.

How do Damon System braces work?

These braces shift your teeth into better alignment in a different way than other braces. Damon braces have self-litigating brackets and wires. Instead of having brackets that require tightening and archwires that are held in place by o-rings, Damon braces use a sliding mechanism. This mechanism attaches the archwire to the brackets, allowing more natural movement as your teeth move into place.

What are the benefits of Damon System braces?

This system offers a range of benefits, including:

  • Appearance – elastic ties are not necessary with these self-litigating braces, resulting in a more discreet appearance than traditional braces. There is also the option of getting Damon Clear, a nearly invisible form of Damon braces.
  • Reliability – fewer parts to break means fewer problems with these braces.
  • Effectiveness – teeth move faster, so treatment time is shorter.
  • Comfort – the light force required for movement means less discomfort for patients.
  • Convenience – less visits to practiceName are required because fewer adjustments are needed throughout treatment.
  • Oral health – less friction during teeth movement causes less risk of tooth erosion.
  • Oral hygiene – both the braces and your teeth are easier to keep clean and the risk for cavities is lessened.

Are there any disadvantages to Damon System braces?

There are only a few disadvantages to these braces. The metal wires are still noticeable in your smile, although choosing Damon Clear minimizes their appearance. Like traditional braces, there is a period of adjustment to wearing Damon braces. Also, they usually cost more than traditional braces. The reduced treatment time and improved comfort level may make the cost increase worth it to you though. Many of drName’s patients find Damon braces well worth the investment in using this new technology to transform their smiles.